We dont just build amazing projects


Why Technology Ally

Yes, it is true. Offshore software development is a cost effective solution. It also provides organizations an immediate access to a broad range of specialized technical skills. It is also true that offshore software development engagement also has one of the highest failure rate.

So why Technology Ally is different?

We are committed to our client satisfaction. “Leveraging best-in-class people, processes and technologies to deliver projects on task on time and on budget” are not just words for us. We hold our employees and management accountable to that promise.


Our Approach
Technology Ally is sensitive to each customer’s specific environment and is flexible in terms of customizing its approach to meet the customer’s need, culture and internal processes. We believe each project is unique and so is our overall software development approach. We are proud of our reputation, offering a friendly and flexible approach which ensures long-term partnerships with our clients.
While effective project management, control of the offshore projects, as well as efficient communication management is a global concern of all offshore projects, we at Technology Ally follow proven Software Development Lifecycle methodologies (SDLC) to ensure project successes.

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