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Beyond Cutting Cost, Outsourcing as an “Innovative Fix”

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I usually correlate outsourcing with a popular engineering term, “Jugaad.” The most common definition for the term is an “innovative fix,” or simple work-around. Outsourcing as a process and methodology has much stronger ground than simply a fix, though.

A possible extended version could be a solution that fixes the common problems which most of the small and large organizations face. And, with so many IT outsourcing service providers coming up with innovative ways to solve the critical issues of businesses for their clients, it is no wonder outsourcing is seen as an innovative fix.

Whether you are a small business owner or belong to the elite corporate world, once in a while you come across a problem that is very specific to your work, but you are not a pro in it, and so need specialized help; for instance,

  • Website designing work for a marketer,
  • Software application development work for a non-IT company,
  • Database management for product-based larger firms, or
  • Simply an online reputation management job for big brands.

Most of these works are outsourced because these works are not an idea in itself for an entrepreneur but play a supporting role which is highly critical for the success of the organization.

Today, we cannot trust a company without a decent website. Doing business with a company having loopholes in its database management can cost you dearly. It is difficult for a company with a bad online reputation to sell its products.

These are small but critical jobs that, as a whole, are mandatory for the effective functioning of an organization. These jobs can be well-handled by an outsourcing service provider without interfering in the core process of the company, while still supporting the functioning of the organization and its management. A great “Jugaad” indeed for companies.

Here’s a list of how this innovative fix outsourcing can help an organization perform critical job functions without interfering in the key process:



For a shoe company, a website is important to display their product, but the technicalities of creating and handling a website could be cumbersome because there are several processes involved.

First, choose the kind of website you want, then hire resources with the knowledge of that technology, help them get accustomed to the company’s process and environment, then work on the project, and, once the website is created, then take time and decide what to do with those resources.

A quick fix is to hire a specialized website-designing company, get the job done, and keep in contact for updates.


Increased Efficiency:

When you hire a specialized talent, you also gain increased efficiency.

As an example, a company whose core job is to design websites already have the specialized talent to perform the tasks right from website application development to image and graphic designing, and content to search engine optimization (SEO). Workflow is smooth, and small jobs related to the core jobs are executed in a professional manner.


Access to the “Latest”:

Both small and large business owners change according to market trends and the requirements of the client.

Again using a shoe company as an example, if the season is for boots, the market gets flooded with a variety of boots, some of which are designed based on the latest trends, and some are brought from the old stock but perhaps modified as per the trend. A company with a core job involved in technology does the same.

A website designing service provider makes sure that designs are matching the latest trends by improving upon the previously used technology. This way, you get the “Latest.”


Beyond cost, outsourcing to a service provider has a lot to offer, which potentially offsets the risks involved. Choose a company that has years of experience in the domain, as well as boasting of high-end technology and successful projects.

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