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How not to compromise quality when outsourcing

avatarBy Technology Ally

Hiring an expert for every role in the organization is costly. And setting up an infrastructure to perform the roles and responsibilities is even more costly. Outsourcing gives an opportunity to businesses to get the work done by experts at a lower cost.

But often people simply ignore the specialization aspects, when it comes to outsourcing, as they mostly get overshadowed by the cost factor. We believe that quality should be unconditional and never compromised.

So, before forming an association with any organization, consider the major factors that drive the decision to outsource. No wonder cost will always be a major factor. Here are three reasons other than cost that can make outsourcing an intelligent decision.


1. Know the Individuals:

These are the individuals who kept your call on hold the last time you called customer support, and it is also the company that promised and gave you the proof of their excellent customer support. When you outsource a job, be prepared to deal with not just the company, but the individual capabilities of the person.

For example, suppose you outsource a website development task to an organization known for its high success rate from one of the TOP 30 Software Development agencies. But then, what if your particular task is assigned to a newly hired developer or an average front end developer with a not-so-advanced skill set.

When you deal with a company, they show you beautiful and user-friendly e-commerce websites they have created in the past, but never reveal the designers and developers behind them.

Remember, it is not just the company, but the individuals too. The best way to deal with the situation is to know the individuals personally who are going to work on your project. Analyze their skill set and experiences before you finalize the deal.


2. Avoid Technology Setback:

Either you go too far, or you stand still; neither of these is good in terms of technology. Some promising technology has failed miserably, like Google Glass, Bitcoin, iCloud, and Microsoft’s Band. It may have been because they were just too far ahead of their time.

The lesson that is learned is how important, useful, and reliable technology is in everyday life of the user. This is the factor that determines the success and failure of the technology.

When you plan to create a business website, it is important that you go with something that is user-friendly and does not quickly fade and become unsuitable in the long run. Don’t listen to the hype created, but rather check the technology to make sure it is versatile, appeals to the larger masses, and user-friendly.

Your target audience should feel comfortable while using the technology on different platforms.


3. The Lure of “Cheaper”:

If you want good quality work, be ready to pay. Front developers and software engineers are paid far less in developing countries. But this doesn’t mean that you will get the right skill set too. To prepare a qualified and experienced team, you need to spend money, but definitely less than compared to developed countries.

Outsourcing saves money and provides easy access to the latest technology and available talent, although it is not as easy as some will tell you.

There are many good reasons to choose to Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Experts, but beyond those significant advantages lies the risk., That risk, however, can be curbed by allocating time and resources, using good planning and management.

So, I would say that before you set out to outsource, check out a few suggestions on mitigating risks.


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