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These Technology Innovations Can Influence Your Outsourcing Decisions

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The outcome of your outsourcing largely depends upon the technology and location strategy. Where location can usually be well-predicted based on the stability factor for a region, technology is quite unpredictable. The recent developments and innovations have broadened the dynamics of the outsourcing market, thereby giving new scope to the customers of the industry.

According to Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey 2014, the outsourcing market is “signaling a net increase in outsourcing consumption.” This increased consumption is the result of the prevailing growth in technology innovations like Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Mobility. These innovations have improved reliability and mobility in vendor management.

New and emerging technology innovations curb the outsourcing risks to a greater extent and create higher value (quality services at a low cost) for the clients. Growth of EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) has enabled the employees to practice “bring your own device” (BYOD) in a standard workplace.

Companies are now capable of addressing security concerns related to smartphones and tablets and thus can implement EMM strategies successfully. Another innovation, “Big Data”, that has managed to become a buzzword in the technology arena, has greatly influenced outsourcing decisions. Let’s give a detailed check on the recent innovations that impact sourcing outcomes.


Cloud Computing:

For our clients with non-technology backgrounds, cloud computing enables you to store and manage data over the Internet instead of on a computer’s hard drive. This way, you can access data from any part of the globe through the Internet.

Some common examples of cloud computing are Google Drive, Apple iCloud, and Amazon Cloud Services. Hybrid services like Dropbox and SugarSync are also available that store the files online, as well as also sync those files with local storage. The drawback is that cloud computing still depends upon your broadband or telecom service provider.

That’s the rub. While choosing an outsourcing vendor, it is important that you check the quality of services provided by the telecom corporation of the regions.


Big Data:

Big Data acts as a “query-solver.” You want to know what is going on in your business, and then you just access that large chunk of structured and unstructured data, ask the question, and you will get an answer. No prophesying, just clear, data-based answers. It’s like if someone asked you a person’s age and instead of face-reading and guessing, you just check the birth date and calculate the years, a precise answer instead of an estimated one.

The challenge is to keep the records, ask the right questions, and track the right details. There are several advanced tools available to analyze, capture, search, share, and transfer data. You also need professional data administrators and data analysts to churn out the data to get the answers for you.



The emergence of smartphones and tablets has opened up new horizons for mobility and communication. BYOD has become a feasible option that is also cost-saving. Now, core responsibilities like HR, Administration, Accounting, and Marketing can be easily shared with the vendors.

Numerous tools and technology innovations in the segment have given rise to better outsourcing options. As a result, a custom software solution company focuses on the development of the product rather than carrying the administrative or marketing burden.


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