Broker Source

Industry: Health Insurance



Broker Source, a division of Insurica, provides specialized health insurance solutions to individuals, medicare, and small groups. It was established in 1959 and helps people in more than 40 states to choose the best affordable plan for their health insurance needs. It is one of the top insurance brokers in the United States and leads from the front to serve its customers.


Broker Source was going through some critical issues in streamlining and centralizing their data, operations, customer records, carriers’ insurance plans and documentation, and employee management to keep track of everything and make informed decisions under one customized platform to meet all the required objectives of the organization through digital transformation.


Technology Ally’s team designed and developed a custom ERP platform to counter all the needs and issues with the help of the latest technology solutions. A dynamic tool to automate the business processes where the core leadership can access a handful of information, like key performing indicators (KPIs), employee performance evaluation, growth indicators, and customer and carrier data through a graphical representation to make informed decisions for future strategies and roadmap.

Platform Highlights

  1. Access to information for all the major stakeholders
  2. Encrypted high-end security measures
  3. Centralized data hub
  4. Graphical reporting and analysis
  5. Insurance policies, records, and documentation management
  6. Customer profile management
  7. Agents profile management
  8. Data compilation and export


Technology Ally successfully deployed the developed platform and trained the Broker Source team to operate the tool independently. Broker Source achieved all the desired objectives to automate the business processes seamlessly and efficiently, and it also helped them to boost productivity across the organization.


HTML, Cake PHP, My SQL, and FIPs Complaint.


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