Software Quality Assurance

When we talk about Software Quality, we are talking about the evaluation of the software. At Technology Ally, We not only test and assure the software quality but we also make your products successful.

When we talk about Software Quality? We are talking about the evaluation of the software, which is based on some specific factors. Software quality can also be illustrated based on the study of external and internal features of the software. The external quality of the software is explained based on how the software is useful for its users and how it performs in a real-time scenario in operational mode. In contrast, the internal quality, on the other hand, concentrates on the intrinsic aspects dependent on the quality of the code written. Though the user focuses mostly on how the software works at the superficial level, the quality at the external level can only be maintained if the coder has written a useful quality code.

What we offer

Web Application Testing

Our web application testing is a software testing technique used solely for testing web-hosted applications where application interfaces and other functionalities are tested.

API Testing

The concept of APIs dates back to the advent of personal computing and the web and has existed since the 1960s. Without APIs, the digital experiences we experience every day would not be possible. We provide testing APIs responsible for everything from running information-rich marketing campaigns to checking the weather in a mobile app.

Testing Documentation

Test documentation plays a crucial role in software testing. This saves the hassle, time, and expense of the entire project by defining each process that will be followed to test the software and eliminate ambiguity. It offers a systematic approach and gives the tester an overview of the complete product.

Desktop Application Testing

A desktop application (app) is known as a program that runs on its own in a desktop operating system. We offer desktop application testing, which is a software testing practice that examines the functionality, security, usability and stability of the application after deployment. When testing desktop applications, you should pay special attention to the installation and uninstallation tests to fully cover the application testing needs.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is a testing process performed manually to find defects without using automation tools or scripts. We have a test plan document prepared to guide the testing process to have full test coverage.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is the application of software tools to automate a manual, human-driven process of testing and validating a software product. Most modern Agile and DevOps software projects now include automated testing from the start. However, to fully appreciate the value of automated testing, we offer a service that helps to understand what life was like before it was widespread.

Responsive Testing

In today’s mechanized world, websites are viewed not only on a laptop or desktop computer but also on a tablet and smartphone. We offer a well-reviewed approach to website design that provides users with an optimal browsing experience with easy readability, navigation, easy scrolling, minimal browser resizing and cross-device compatibility.

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