Welcome to ShortifyMe’s Showcase! At Technology Ally, we take pride in delivering top-notch offshore services to our clients. Explore our collaboration with ShortifyMe and discover how we transformed their digital presence. 

Client Background 

ShortifyMe, a dynamic and innovative company providing URL Shortening and QR Generation Services approached us intending to develop its website and enhance its online presence. 

Project Overview 

The collaboration with ShortifyMe was a multifaceted project to optimize their online strategy. Our goal included a website overhaul, the creation of bespoke Chrome and Edge extensions, and implementing SEO strategies to boost visibility and expand their reach. 


Services Provided

Web Design and Development 

Our skilled developers and designers worked collaboratively to revitalize ShortifyMe’s website. We focused on creating a modern, user-friendly interface that aligns with industry trends and enhances the overall user experience. 

Chrome and Edge Extensions 

In response to ShortifyMe’s desire for innovative solutions, we crafted custom Chrome and Edge extensions tailored to their specific needs. These extensions not only added functionality to their online platforms but also provided users with a seamless and integrated experience. 

SEO Services 

To ensure ShortifyMe’s online visibility, our dedicated SEO experts implemented a comprehensive strategy. This included optimizing website content, conducting keyword research, and implementing best practices to improve search engine rankings. The result was increased organic traffic and improved search engine performance for ShortifyMe. 

Technologies Used 


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