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Case Management Software Pricing – Complete Breakdown for Small Firms

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Choosing the right case management software is a difficult step, but understanding its pricing can be challenging.

In this guide, we explore the complexities of case management software pricing. From legal solutions for small firms to options for nonprofits and social work, we break down the details.


Case Management Software Pricing – Overview

The cost of developing legal case management software for small firms can range from $40,000 to $120,000, factoring in features like document management and client communication.

Nonprofit case management software development may vary from $60,000 to $170,000, considering functionalities tailored for donor management and grant tracking.

For social work case management software, the development cost can fall between $40,000 to $150,000, incorporating features like client assessments and intervention tracking.

These ballpark figures account for the complexity, features, and customization needs unique to each industry, let’s talk to our mobile app development experts and get a free quote.




Case Management App Timeline – How Long Does it Take?

The time to build a case management app varies based on factors such as complexity, features, and customization.

For a basic version, development might take around 3 to 6 months, involving tasks like requirement analysis, design, coding, testing, and deployment.

More complex apps, those tailored for legal, healthcare, or social work, can take 6 months to a year or more.

Extensive features like document management, client communication logs, and integration with external systems contribute to a longer development timeline.

Recent case management apps quoted through TechnologyAlly garnered the following hourly estimates:

300 hours

400 hours

 500 hours

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12 Factors That Impact Legal Case Management Software Pricing

Configuration Complexity

Configuring the legal case management software to align with specific workflow requirements impacts pricing.

Highly customized setups may incur additional Case management software pricing in USA.

Number of Departments

Legal case management solutions catering to multiple departments within an organization may have varied functionalities, affecting pricing based on the extent of below inter-departmental integration.

Human resources department

Compliance and Regulatory Department

Investigations Department

Incident Management Department

Brand Protection Department

Complaints Management Department

Harassment Investigations Department

Corporate Security Department

Health and Safety Department

Loss Prevention Department

Number of Users

The licensing model often charges per user, meaning the more users requiring access, the higher the legal case management software cost for small firms.

Amount of Storage Needed

The volume of data storage necessary for legal documents, case files, and associated information directly influences pricing, with larger storage capacities incurring higher case management software cost for nonprofits.

On-Premise vs. Cloud Hosted Deployment

Choosing between on-premise or cloud-hosted solutions impacts pricing. On-premise may involve higher initial costs, while cloud-hosted options often have recurring subscription fees.

Integrations with External Systems

The need for integrations with other tools or systems, such as legal research databases or accounting software, contributes to additional development and configuration costs.

HRMS System
CRMS System
Document Management System

Data Migration Complexity

Transferring existing data to the new legal case management system involves varying degrees of complexity. The more intricate the data migration process, the higher the associated costs.

Project Services and Support

Additional project services, such as ongoing support, training, and customization services, influence pricing and are essential considerations for long-term success.

Security and Compliance Requirements

Meeting specific security and compliance standards, like GDPR or HIPAA, may necessitate additional features or configurations, impacting the social work case management software cost.

Reporting and Analytics Capabilities

Reporting and analytics features for tracking case progress or generating insights may introduce additional costs, particularly if they require custom development or integration with external tools.

Mobile Accessibility

Providing mobile access to the legal case management software may contribute to pricing, as it requires additional development to secure mobile experience.

User Training Requirements

The complexity of the legal case management software may necessitate extensive user training. Costs associated with training materials, sessions, and ongoing support contribute to case management software pricing.


What is a Case Management App?

A case management app is a digital solution designed to manage the organization process, tracking, and collaboration of information related to specific cases or projects.

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Typically utilized in legal, healthcare, or social work, these apps facilitate case handling by centralizing documents, communication, and task management.

They offer features like document storage, client communication logs, and progress tracking. By providing a centralized platform, case management apps build collaboration among teams, create transparency, and ultimately improve case-related workflows.


Case Management Software Pricing FAQs

Whats the advantages of custom case management software in terms of pricing?

Custom case management software provides cost advantages by allowing feature selection, scalable payment models, reduced training expenses, elimination of unnecessary features, and long-term savings through optimized functionality aligned with specific organizational needs.

How much does MyCase legal software cost in 2024?

MyCase offers subscription-based pricing starting from around $49 to $69 per user per month, providing law firms with case management, client communication, and billing features.

What is the best case management software in 2024?


Renowned for its comprehensive legal practice management features.


Offering intuitive case management, client communication, and billing solutions.


A versatile CRM platform customizable for case management across various industries.

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