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IT Outsourcing: Turning Risks into Rewards

avatarBy Technology Ally

Once, while talking to a prospective client at that time, I found him somewhat hesitant toward outsourcing. His questions were focused upon our capabilities as a company, rather than the abilities as a team of talented professionals.

  • How do you manage the cost?
  • How can you guarantee that you will complete the project on time?
  • How are you going to control the expenses?

In general, most of the questions were about the risk involved. Gradually, while talking to him, I realized he had researched the subject, and recognized the need to outsource, but was hesitant to take the next step. I decided to directly confront him about the risks involved in Information Technology outsourcing (I had to risk my promotion, though!). A famous quote by William G.T. Shedd, “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for” gave me enough motivation to carry out the confrontation.

He is now one of our satisfied clients.

So, how did I persuade him? Simply by revealing our expertise and experience in turning IT outsourcing risk into rewards. His three major concerns were:



Although I normally avoid using industrial jargon when talking to clients, this time, I introduced him to our working methodology. At Technology Ally, we just don’t follow Agile; we follow Lean Agile. With this approach, there is only a very limited chance for an increased budget at the latter stages of development.

The first principle of Lean methodology is to eliminate waste. And the second is not to make decisions too quickly. Our resources include a professional team with multi-tasking capabilities. We don’t have an army of front-end developers with average talent; rather, we have the best of talent with significant experience in various programming languages so that they exploit and deliver the benefits efficiently.

So, once the decision has been taken, there is only a small gap left between the implementation and delivery that our agile team quickly fills up.


Lack of Personal Touch:

The client was not sure whether or not we were going to treat his business as he treats his business Like the way he would do for his business, we would never be as concerned as him. Don’t you want the same thing? All that we want is for you to focus on your core operations, and we focus on ours. And our core business is to provide you the best IT outsourcing services.

Creating a website is our business, what is done with that website is yours. Our talents are different and so is our business. It is the interdependence and integration that works. And our business is solely dependent on your prosperity. So, along with a personal touch, there will be a professional touch as well.



Data leaks can hamper your business, but it is a survival issue for an IT outsourcing service provider like us. Substandard security protocols are a threat to your business, but it can completely ruin us. As an offshore outsourcing company, security breaches cannot only ruin the image of our company but also reflect on the industry standards of the entire region.

We at Technology Ally are highly capable, maintaining the highest standards of resources to protect the intellectual property and private data of our clients. We are bound to do that.


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