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How To Connect Shopify Square Integration Without Any Bugs

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Shopify’s transaction fees and limited payment options can restrict your business growth and eat into profits.

Shopify Square integration resolves transaction fee concerns and expands payment options, offering cost-efficiency and flexibility for scaling your e-commerce operations.

In this guide, we uncovered shopify and square integration process and its impact on your online business.


What are Square Payments for Startups, SMEs and Enterprises?

Square Payments caters to startups, SMEs, and enterprises, offering a comprehensive suite of payment solutions tailored to custom businesses.

For startups, Square provides an accessible entry point into digital payments, enabling seamless transactions online and in-store.

SMEs benefit from Square’s tools, empowering payment processing, inventory management, and sales analytics.

Enterprises leverage Square’s robust infrastructure to build complex payment workflows, and customer experiences, and drive growth.

With Square Payments, businesses of all sizes can transcend traditional payment barriers and unlock new avenues for success.


Is Square and Shopify Integration Possible?

Yes, Shopify integrates with Square Payments, providing merchants with a solution for processing transactions.

This square integration with Shopify allows businesses to accept payments online and in person through Shopify’s platform. By integrating Square Payments with Shopify, merchants can improve their payment processing workflows and expand their sales channels.

Begin by establishing a Square account and linking it to your Shopify platform.

Integrate square with shopify process includes credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay transactions—all processed through Square.


What are Square Key Features for Startups, SMEs and Enterprises

Square, a powerhouse in payment solutions, offers a suite of custom features to meet the diverse needs of Startups, SMEs and Enterprises.

Payment Processing

Square enables businesses to accept various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, chip cards, contactless payments, and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

POS System

With Square’s Point of Sale (POS) system, businesses can manage transactions, whether it’s processing payments, tracking sales, or generating receipts.

Inventory Management

Square simplifies inventory management by providing tools to track stock levels, receive alerts for low inventory, and sync inventory across multiple locations.

Online Store Integration

Businesses can easily set up an online store with Square’s integrated e-commerce solutions, allowing them to sell products online on Etsy and sync inventory automatically.


Square automates invoicing processes, enabling businesses to create and send professional invoices, track payment status, and accept payments online.

Analytics and Reporting

Square provides insightful analytics and reporting tools, giving businesses access to real-time sales data, customer insights, and performance metrics to make informed decisions.

Customer Engagement

With Square’s customer engagement features, businesses can build and manage customer profiles, send targeted marketing campaigns, and encourage repeat purchases.

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Customization and Integrations

Square offers extensive customization options and integrates with a wide range of third-party apps and services, allowing businesses to tailor their payment and business management solutions to their specific needs.


What Are The Benefits of Square Shopify Integration in 2024?

Integrating Square with Shopify offers many benefits that can revolutionize your e-commerce operations.

Unified Payment Processing

By integrating Square with Shopify, you can consolidate your payment processing systems, allowing customers to make purchases across various channels, whether online or in-store.

Automate Operations

With Square powering your payment processing within Shopify, you can automate your business operations, from inventory management to order fulfilment, reducing manual errors.

Checkout Experience

The integration facilitates a checkout experience for your customers, allowing them to complete their transactions quickly and securely, thereby reducing cart abandonment rates and boosting conversion rates.

Scalability and Growth

By harnessing Square and Shopify’s combined power, you can confidently scale your e-commerce business, leveraging advanced features and capabilities to expand your reach, drive customer engagement, and achieve sustainable growth.


Does Square Integrate with Shopify – Explained in 8 Steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to integrate square with shopify.

Create a Square Account

If you haven’t already, start by creating a Square account. Visit the Square website and sign up for an account by providing the necessary information.

Access Shopify Admin

Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard using your credentials.

Navigate to Apps

Once logged in, navigate to the “Apps” section of your Shopify dashboard. You can find this in the left-hand sidebar.

Search for Square Integration

In the “Apps” section, search for the Square integration app. You can do this by typing “Square” into the search bar and selecting the appropriate app from the results.

Install the Square App

Click on the Square integration app to view more details. Then, click on the “Add app” or “Install app” button to initiate the installation process.

Link Your Square Account

Follow the prompts to link your Square account with your Shopify store. You may need to provide authorization for Shopify to access your Square account.

Configure Settings

Once the integration is complete, you’ll have the option to configure various settings according to your preferences. This may include setting up payment methods, tax settings, and order fulfilment workflows.

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Test Transactions

Before going live, it’s essential to conduct test transactions to ensure that the integration is working correctly.

Place a test order on your Shopify store and process the payment using Square to verify that everything is functioning as expected.


Can Square Integrate with Shopify Using Third-Party Apps?

Yes, Square can integrate with Shopify using third-party apps, offering additional customization options. Here are five third-party apps that facilitate Square integration with Shopify.

1) Zapier

Zapier is a powerful automation tool that connects apps and automates workflows without the need for coding. It allows you to create “Zaps,” automated workflows that trigger actions in one app based on events in another.

While Zapier offers a free plan with limited features, consider upgrading to a paid plan starting at $29.99 a month for access to advanced automation capabilities and increased usage limits.


Can You Integrate Square with Shopify Using Zapier?

By following these steps, you can integrate Shopify and Square using Zapier.

Create a Zapier Account

Begin by signing up for a Zapier account on their website. Provide your email address, create a password, and follow the prompts to complete the registration process.

Authenticate Both Shopify and Square Accounts Through Zapier

Once logged in to Zapier, navigate to the “Connected Accounts” section. Here, you’ll authenticate your Shopify and Square accounts by following the simple authorization steps provided by Zapier.

Trigger the Integration from Either Shopify or Square

Decide whether you want to trigger the integration from your Shopify store or your Square account. Zapier allows flexibility in choosing which platform initiates the integration process.

Follow the Integration Process

Follow the prompts to set up the integration between the two platforms. Zapier provides clear instructions and guidance throughout the process.

Select Data to Sync From One Platform to Another

Customize your integration by selecting the specific data you want to sync between Shopify and Square.

This could include orders, customers, products, or any other relevant information crucial to your business operations.

2) Integromat

Integromat is another automation platform similar to Zapier, offering advanced workflow automation capabilities. It allows you to create complex integrations and automations using a visual interface.

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Does Shopify Integrate With Square Using Integromat?

With Integromat, you can build integrations between Square and Shopify.

For example, you can create scenarios to sync customer data between the two platforms, automate order processing, or trigger actions in Shopify based on events in Square, such as refunds or chargebacks.


SKU IQ is a retail inventory management platform that helps businesses track and manage their products across multiple channels. It offers features like barcode scanning, inventory tracking, and sales reporting.


How to Integrate Square with Shopify Using SKU IQ?

SKU IQ integrates with both Square and Shopify, allowing you to sync inventory data between the two platforms.

You can set up SKU IQ to automatically update product quantities and availability in Shopify based on sales made through Square, ensuring accurate inventory management across all sales channels.

4) Plobal Apps

Plobal Apps is a mobile commerce platform that helps businesses create and launch their own mobile apps quickly and easily.

It offers features such as customizable app templates, push notifications, and in-app analytics.

Plobal Apps integrates with both Square and Shopify, allowing you to accept payments through Square in your Shopify-powered mobile app. You can set up Plobal Apps to sync product catalogs, inventory data, and customer information between Square and Shopify.

5) Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS is a free point-of-sale app designed for small businesses, offering features such as inventory management, sales analytics, and customer loyalty programs.

Loyverse POS integrates with both Square and Shopify, allowing you to sync sales data between the two platforms.

You can use Loyverse POS to process in-person transactions through Square and automatically sync those sales with your Shopify store, providing a unified view of your sales data across all channels.


Shopify Square integration – Tips & Tricks

By implementing these tips and tricks, you can maximize the benefits of shopify and square integration and drive success for your business.

Product Catalogs

Maintain consistency between your Shopify and Square product catalogs by using identical product names, descriptions, and SKUs. This reduce discrepancies in inventory management.

Automatic Inventory Syncing

Take advantage of Shopify Square integration’s capability to sync inventory levels across both platforms automatically.

Set Up Custom Payment Options

Customize your payment options within both Shopify and Square to align with your business needs. Offer diverse payment methods to cater to customer preferences and boost checkout flexibility.

Optimize Order Fulfillment Workflows

Utilize automation tools to process orders, update order statuses, and send notifications to customers, reducing manual effort.

Utilize Sales Analytics and Reporting

Take advantage of the robust analytics and reporting features available in both Shopify and Square. Gain valuable insights into sales performance, customer behaviour, and revenue trends to make informed business decisions and drive growth.

Implement Customer Data Syncing

Sync customer data between Shopify and Square to maintain a unified customer database. This enables personalized marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and targeted promotions across all channels.

Stay Updated with App Integrations

Explore additional app integrations that complement Shopify Square integration. Look for tools that enhance functionality, such as accounting software, email marketing platforms, or inventory management systems, to further optimize your operations.

Regularly Monitor Integration Performance

Continuously monitor the performance of your Shopify Square integration to ensure smooth operation and identify any potential issues. Regularly review sync logs, transaction records, and inventory updates.


Square and Shopify Integration FAQs


Are there any common challenges while doing Square integration with shopify?

While rare, common challenges may include payment discrepancies, inventory sync errors, and checkout integration glitches. These can typically be resolved through troubleshooting and configuration adjustments.

Can you import all data from integrate square with shopify process?

Yes, Shopify allows you to import some data from Square, such as products and customers, using third-party apps or manual processes. However, not all data, such as transaction history, can be directly imported due to platform limitations.

How do I sync my inventory from square shopify integration?

You can sync your inventory from Shopify to Square by using third-party apps like “Sync with Square” or “Stock Sync.” These apps allow you to automate the process.

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