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How Not to Bore the Audience with your Presentation

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The opening slide creates curiosity, and in the next three slides, audiences decide whether they would like watching the presentation until the end or take a back seat (prefer taking a quick nap or a good view of the surroundings).

So how are they going to decide?

Factors that influence decision-making are not many; instead, just one. No boring slides. However, there are numerous ways you can keep boredom at bay and create interesting and entertaining slides. Probably, this has been one of the reasons why people often look for PowerPoint alternatives. There are numerous online presentation tools that are available with unique features to create awesome presentations.

Here’s the list for you. Check it out to ensure that your presentation has these qualities to keep the audience alive and attentive.

1. Fun and Entertaining: Don’t make your presentation read like a software product’s licensing and agreement terms. Nobody finishes reading; most people don’t even bother to read the first sentence. They simply scroll down to find the “I agree” checkbox. A presentation must convey information, but the information should be presented in such a way that it doesn’t let the audience miss a single slide. This is possible by weaving an entertaining and meaningful story. So, before you begin to choose the template, prepare a script.

2. Dynamic Graphs and Charts: Charts and graphs are the easiest way to tell a complex story in a simple way. They quickly lead to the conclusion. Rather than using text, images, or videos, it’s better to use graphs and charts to represent your case. But don’t fill it up in each slide. Also, choose from a variety of types such as Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Histogram, Line Chart, Area Chart, and many more essential chart types for data visualization. Avoid repeating the same type in your presentation.

3. Icons for referencing: Use icons for reference. Icons are pictorial symbols for a function. It leaves a memorable impact. The audience can quickly recognize the function at a glance. Some of the universal icons include stars and hearts. Others include tools, which means “setting.” The “gear” symbol is generally used to portray engineering, and “airplane” symbolizes “send.”

4. Customize colors: From stark to vibrant, choose the colors that go well with your branding. Make use of the right contrast.

5. Text vs. Images: There should be a combination of images and text that leaves no stress on the audience to decode your message. Be clear about how you want to tell your story. Avoid using long, wordy sentences. And a slide shouldn’t just be left with an image to describe a situation. It is important to create a balance between text and images. There should be no room for guesswork.

Hopefully, these tips help you make an awesome presentation. Get more skills to make a good presentation.

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