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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Shopify App in 2024 – Updated Guide

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Shopify stands as a top ally for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital world. As entrepreneurs embark on this transformative journey, one key consideration looms large – the Shopify app development cost. In this blog, we are demystifying the elements that influence Shopify store development cost for your e-commerce venture. Discover the gateway to a seamlessly functioning and visually stunning online storefront that resonates with your brand’s essence and ponder the question, How much does it cost to build a Shopify app?

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Average Shopify Store App Development Cost

When it comes to investing in a Shopify app, understanding the potential costs is crucial for businesses aiming to bolster their online presence. Typically, the price tag for developing a Shopify app hovers around $37,500. However, as per industry insights, the overall website development cost can vary, ranging from a more economical $25,000 to a more robust $50,000.

The expense is linked to the features integrated into the app. A Shopify app with a stripped-down set of functionalities, often referred to as a “minimum viable product” (MVP), tends to be more budget-friendly. Recent quotes from Technologyally, for instance, with prices ranging around $20,000. This variability underscores the importance of tailoring app development to specific business needs and objectives.

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How long does it take to build a Shopify App for Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises?

When considering the timeline for building a Shopify app, the process typically spans around 267 hours. However, the duration can vary, ranging from a more streamlined 200 hours to a more extensive 333 hours. The exact timeframe depends on the complexity of the app.

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If your app demands custom designs, specialized features, or release platforms, expect a longer development period. As a recent benchmark, Shopify apps developed with Technologyally received estimates aligning with this general guideline, with the most recent examples citing around 267 hours.


8 Factors That Would Affect the Shopify Store Cost

Building a Shopify app involves various factors that contribute to Shopify app development cost. Here are eight key factors that influence the Shopify store development cost.


Features Timeline (hours) Hourly Rate ($) Total Cost ($)
User Authentication 30 $50 $1,500
Product Catalog Integration 40 $60 $2,400
Shopping Cart Functionality 35 $55 $1,925
Payment Gateway Integration 50 $70 $3,500
User Profile Management 25 $45 $1,125
Order Tracking Feature 45 $65 $2,925
Reviews and Ratings 20 $40 $800
Responsive Design 60 $75 $4,500
Analytics Integration 30 $55 $1,650


Total Estimated Cost: $20,825

Note: The hourly rates and development timelines are hypothetical and may vary based on the actual rates and capabilities of the development team. Contact an offshore web development company for more information.

Custom App Features

The more the features, the higher the development costs. Advanced functionalities and specialized features will require more time and resources.


Type Time  (in hours) Cost (in USD)
Startups 150 $7,500
SMEs 200 $10,000
Enterprises 250 $15,000


Design Requirements

Custom designs can escalate shopify website development cost. A highly tailored user interface and user experience design often come with additional expenses.

Custom API Integration

If the app requires integration with other platforms, services, or APIs, it may impact the development cost.

Development Time

The longer it takes to develop the app, the higher shopify store design cost. Factors like project scope play a role in determining the development timeline.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing is essential for a robust app. The more thorough the testing process, the higher the associated costs.

Scalability Requirements

Planning for scalability from the outset may involve additional costs. Ensuring the app can handle increased loads and future updates is an important consideration.

App Deployment and Maintenance

Costs associated with deploying the app and ongoing maintenance should be factored in. This includes updates, bug fixes, and support.

Third-Party Regulatory Compliance

If the app needs to adhere to specific industry regulations or standards, additional efforts and costs may be incurred to ensure compliance.


How TechnologyAlly Will Help You Lower The Shopify App Development Cost




We are your strategic ally in minimizing Shopify store development cost. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we optimize efficiency without compromising quality.

Our experienced team excels in building solutions, allowing you to pay only for the features essential to your business goals. By prioritizing modular development and efficient coding practices, we reduce both time and expenses.

With TechnologyAlly, you benefit from a tailored approach that maximizes value, ensuring a cost-effective Shopify app tailored to your needs. Embrace a partnership that not only understands your vision but also empowers you with cost-saving solutions in the competitive e-commerce industry.


Why Shopify Apps for Startups, SMEs and Enterprises

A Shopify app is like the brain of your online store. It’s a special tool that makes your store work better and gives your customers a smoother experience. Think of it as adding superpowers to your shop! Skilled developers create these apps to fit the unique needs of your business. They become part of your Shopify store, helping with things like keeping track of products, improving how you talk to customers, and making buying stuff easier. Imagine each app as a helpful friend for your online store, making sure everything runs smoothly and giving your customers the best shopping experience possible.

Amazon app, eBay app, and Etsy apps are a few big examples of Shopify.


Shopify Apps Trend

Shopify raked in a staggering $3.23 billion in 2021 alone, a testament to its financial prowess. STYLE FACTORY adds a historical perspective, noting that Shopify has collectively amassed over $700 billion in revenue during its remarkable 17-year journey. The platform’s influence is truly global, sellers from more than 175 countries adopted Shopify’s capabilities. This remarkable reach and financial success solidify Shopify’s position as a powerhouse, empowering businesses worldwide.

shopify app development cost

Source: Google


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Shopify App in 2024 – Conclusion

In conclusion, The journey to a successful online store involves careful consideration of features, design, and scalability. With varying factors influencing expenses, from custom designs to integration needs, making informed decisions is paramount. Embracing a strategic approach, partnering with experienced developers, and leveraging technologies wisely can significantly impact cost-effectiveness. Remember that a well-crafted Shopify app not only enhances your online presence but, when developed thoughtfully, can prove to be a wise investment for the sustained growth of your e-commerce venture.


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Shopify App in 2024 – FAQs


Are there any one-time expenses associated with starting a Shopify store?

Yes, one-time expenses include domain acquisition, ranging from $14 to $20 annually, and any premium themes or apps you choose to enhance your store’s functionality. These costs can vary based on your specific requirements.

Can I minimize setup costs by designing my Shopify store myself?

While Shopify’s user-friendly interface allows for DIY setup, hiring a professional for customizations and design enhancements might ensure a more polished and efficient store. Costs will vary based on the complexity of your design needs.

Are there ongoing monthly expenses after the initial setup of a Shopify store?

Yes, beyond the initial setup, you’ll incur monthly fees based on your chosen subscription plan. Additional costs may include transaction fees (if not using Shopify Payments) and expenses for any premium apps or add-ons you integrate for advanced functionalities.

What is the typical cost range for setting up a basic Shopify store?

The cost of launching a basic Shopify store can range from $29 to $299 per month, depending on the subscription plan you choose. Additional costs may include domain registration, which typically starts at around $14 per year.

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